About Contribute

Contribute (Contribute), a project of the NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB), is a first-of-its-kind platform--a fundraising tool for candidates built as a public good. The CFB created Contribute with the idea of using technology to extend the mission of the small-dollar matching funds program.

Contribute simplifies the process of collecting small contributions online — making powerful fundraising tools freely available to all candidates. By building a tool that helps connect candidates with their supporters, we hope to make it easier for candidates of all backgrounds to qualify for matching funds and build a viable campaign with the support of small-dollar contributors from their friends and neighbors.

By collecting all the relevant data directly from contributors, Contribute improves the quality of public disclosure and makes it easier for candidates to comply with CFB requirements.

Contribute also helps more New Yorkers connect with their elections. Voters can connect with candidates and learn about their positions, find their poll site, and access a full range of voting information.

Through the Contribute initiatives, the CFB also promotes voter registration, participation, and engagement, focusing particularly on underrepresented populations such as youth, individuals from low-income backgrounds, people of color, and limited-English proficiency citizens. Through youth engagement programs, registration efforts such as National Voter Registration Day, and the Vote Better NY campaign, which promotes voting reforms for the state of New York, the CFB works to advocate for all voters and ensure that all New Yorkers can register, get to the polls, and cast a vote that counts. The CFB also publishes the city’s official Voter Guide, and sponsors debates between candidates for citywide office. For more information, please visit the CFB website.

How to Contribute

Click “CONTRIBUTE NOW” on the taskbar to the left
Candidates accepting contributions through Contribute will have a blue Contribute button next to their name
Click the Contribute button to start a contribution
Follow the instructions and enter the required information to make your contribution
After entering your credit card information, click “Submit”
After reading the Affirmation, click “Yes, I agree” to complete your contribution